My Bag

Paddles on paddles on paddles

Check out some of the paddles I (often) carry in my bag

If you live along the Jersey Shore, hit me up if you're interested in demoing one of them!

Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16

This is the paddle I was using when I fell in love with pickleball.

It's one of the best all-around paddles for someone who is looking for both touch and power.

Even after initially playing beyond my own expectations with Zane's new paddle, this is still my go-to paddle.



Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 14

This paddle has got all the same goodies at the 16mm, but you sacrifice a little bit of control for a little extra POP.

It's still a great all-around paddle for someone who is looking for a little extra power.

I experimented with this one a bit, but ultimately reverted back to the 16mm because I was happier with my ability to reset the ball with the thicker paddle.



Simone Jardmin Hyperion CFS 16

This paddle is nearly identical to the best-selling Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16

Only difference is the grip circumference has dropped from 4.25" to 4.125"



Simone Jardim Hyperion CFS 14 Swift

This paddle has got all the same goodies at the Ben Johns 14mm, but get a thinner grip and it's a tad bid lighter.

Great all-around paddle



Radius CGS 16mm

Right off the bat you'll notice this paddle has a different shape. It's more circular giving it a more ping-pongy feel.

This paddle is known for its added control. If you're looking for something to soften up your game...

I personally don't love the way the circular shape cuts through the air during by swing, but I do like the soft feel of the ball off the paddle face.



Radius CGS 14mm

Only difference between this one and it's 16mm counter part is that you'll have a little more power and a little less control



Vision CGS 16mm

The paddle head has a more aerodynamic curved shape at the top giving it a very smooth swing.

You still feel a sense of control with both resets and adding spin using this paddle.



Seneca CDS 16mm

While JOOLA has sent over the marketing materials for this paddle, it is not yet available for purchase online

This is a good introductory paddle for someone looking for an upgrade from their Amazon paddle, but not yet ready to spend $200



Zane Navratil Signature 14

This is my newest toy. I'm absolutely in love with it. It's 14mm so a bit thinner than what I'm used to.

The 6" handle provides a lot of extra room for that two-hand backhand I'm working on.

The amount of spin that this paddle can put on the ball makes me understand why Rafa Hewett wanted the officials to check Zane's Paddle.



Curve Carbon X Nightfall

Again, similar shape to the paddles that are most popular today. Downside is that it is missing that hyperfoam edge guard that all of the top paddles have now.

One of my best friends Erik Headley uses this paddle (he is sponsored by Rokne) and plays at an extremely high level with it.

If you do find yourself interested in one of these, feel free to use his code "ERIK10" for a small discount!