Yup, I'm a paddle switcher too

I fancied the new Zane paddle that came out. Honestly, it's dumb but probably because the other edge guard is my favorite color. The paddle looks sharp. The 6" handle is very nice. The grit on that thing is ridiculous. But I could not control anything with it.

I had a rough showing in men's doubles yesterday. I'll go into detail into how that day went later today or tomorrow. I'm not blaming the paddle but...

I switched back to the same Hyperion I've been using ever since I went from Niupipo to the Ben Johns Franklin to the Ben Johns Hyperion. 16mm is what I need. I like to play soft, I can hit it hard if I need to. The 14mm I just no touch with. Most importantly, I had 2 weeks worth of reps using it. I had 6 or more months worth of reps with the Benny. Why would I switch now?

Stick with what you're used to. This sport is a mental sport. Don't change paddles for dumb reasons.