Quick Reflections After Mixed Doubles

In doubles, having a partner you enjoy playing with is really frickin' important. You're gonna face challenges during a game so you've gotta have someone next to you who's going to pick you up when you're down. We experienced this firsthand when we were overpowered by our first opponents. However, we didn't back down when we reached the elimination game. We won by coming out aggressive and executing our game plan effectively.

The second elimination game was not as fun to start since we quickly fell behind. I believe we were down 2-8 and 4-10 before managing to come back and win 15-13. The key was taking it one point at a time, making stops, and continually chipping away. Maintaining a positive mindset throughout the match is crucial.

In the next elimination game we found ourselves again down 1-7 and clawed our way back to eventually even it up at 13-13. before falling 13-15.

It's common for people to change partners when things don't work out, but finding someone you want to train with often is vital. For example, playing together frequently helps you instinctively recognize good and bad drops, avoiding getting caught off guard.

There's much for me to improve, especially regarding shot accuracy and placement. I'm choosing the right shots and playing smart, but I still make silly mistakes. To become a 4.0 player, I need to minimize errors.

Mercer Bucks Pickleball Club hosted an incredible tournament. A venue like this can undoubtedly help players improve, thanks to its excellent conditions, friendly community, and exceptional level of competition. I'm already looking forward to their next tournament in the fall, and I will be back for redemption.