Klose's Kitchen Software?

So if you thought Klose's Kitchen was just a pickleball thing, you'd be wrong. My main talent is being a software developer which is a very valuable skill. In fact, it help me put together this lil website you're hanging out on right now.

I'll be quite honest, I'm barely making any money from anything pickleball related. I'm very far away from being able to live the dream life. So in the meantime while I work on making that happen, I'm picking up contracts to build out websites.

The first project I'm picking up is a refresh of a website for Artisan Stoneworks out in Ewing, New Jersey. They're looking to help their customers streamline their countertop shopping experience and I'm here to help.

A took a detour and helped a friend automate a cumbersome process around getting win totals for MLB teams and derivative calculations from those totals.

Next up is a big project that could get very interesting. It is far from the teaser stage, but once it's there -- believe me, you'll see a teaser.

If you or someone you know is looking for a dev for a quick project, please keep me in mind. I'm really thoughtful and detail-oriented and would refuse to leave you unsatisfied with my work. We can build cool stuff together.